• Working Together

  • Value Added Services

  • Based on years’ investment in companies, E LANG Venture Capitall’s professional management team has accumulated abundant investment experience and resources and established extensive and strong networks, giving companies not only capital but also value-added services.

  • • Provide domestic and international industry resources and assistance on market development, distribution network expansion and branding

  • • Provide strategic guidance in business development planning, organization structure and financial management

  • • Aid in attracting senior management talents and information

  • • Provide professional consultancy and assistance on financing, mergers, acquisitions, corporate restructuring and IPOs

  • Content

  • ELVC team has successful investment and finance backgrounds as well as managerial, technological and operating experience as founders of early-stage companies with sufficient precautions to avoid failures. All this paves a smooth way for start-up managers. Therefore, we have the distinctive advantage of providing a powerful set of resources vital for an early-stage enterprise in addition to offering entrepreneurs starting and developmental capital.

  • • Provide strategic guidance in development plans, financial management, organization structure and legal affairs.

  • • Assist in building well-established distribution network and explore market channels

  • • Aid in organizing effective management team and training relevant senior management personel

  • • Provide useful technology information, expertise and relevant market research about the competitors and the industry.

  • • Assist in acquiring funds and obtaining advantageous policies awarded by both national and local governments to discover new or potential business opportunities.

  • • Help establish strategic partnerships to achieve stronger competitiveness and more powerful market positions.

  • • Introduce international and domestic investors to gain additional sources of funding, such as risk management, strategic investment and property investment.

  • • Assist in the process of investing, mergers, acquisitions, corporate restructuring, funding and IPOs.

  • Process

  • We will make every effort to aid, assist and develop entrepreneurs with innovative ideas and individuals or teams of great potential. If you have good technology, product and business ideas but in need of capital, and your concept coincides with our philosophy, you are very welcome to submit your business plan to us by email. We will carefully examine and analyze your business plan and will give you our feedback as soon as possible. A brief business plan should be 3 to 10 pages long and focuses on the following issues: If you have any technology and market expertise, please don't hesitate to send us your resume. We will show you a bigger career stage.
    Without your commission, the related information regarding your projects and resumes will be kept in strict confidentiality.

  • Outline of Business plan:
  • 1. Company Profile:
    Including company names, history, products or services and shareholders..
  • 2. Team Introduction:
    Resume of major technology inventors and team members.
  • 3. Project Description:
    Detailed product illustration, including current product's development stage and main customer objectives.
  • 4. Business Model:
    The business operation and profit/loss model.
  • 5. Technological Advantages:
    Brief introduction of the core technologies used and competitive analysis of similar products or technologies around the world.
  • 6. Market Advantages:
    Current market shares and positions, distribution approaches and marketing strategies, competitive analysis, overall scale of potential market and an overview of major competitors.
  • 7. Financial Status:
    Brief financial report on capital and managerial operations in the past and sales forecasts for the next two years.
  • 8. Capital Demands:
    Financing plans for the next one to two years: including capital demand, detailed funding and investment plans and other related requirements.
  • 9.Others
    What other resources are necessary for a successful startup? What are the fatal risks?