• Who We Are

  • About Elang VC

  • E LANG Venture Capital Management Company (ELVC), specialized in capital management, is founded by several entrepreneurs and dedicated to seek promising talents and explore business opportunities home and abroad. We provide not only venture capital and undertaking model, but also various necessary resources, such as market and technological information, human resources to people with entrepreneurship and technological gifts. Furthermore, we offer more suitable and higher level of career stage and development opportunities for excellent talents.

    The distinctive advantage of ELVC is our ever growing entrepreneur union, which boasts rich operational business experiences, well-established market and other social resources. ELVC supports talented start-up managers to put their start-up dreams into operation and provide a broad career platform for excellent talents.

    ELVC's mission is to develop and expand China's Angel investment and try to grow into a first-class international venture capital management group.

  • Our Team

  • Aided by its close connections with high-tech companies and venture capitals around the world, ELVC's management team -- composed of famous entrepreneurs, technology and management experts and venture capital professionals - makes accurate investing and operation decisions based on in-depth market research and technology analysis.

  • What We Aim

  • Vision

    E LANG Venture Capital as well as being a truly enterprising and ambitious corporation, retains realistic and achievable expectations. We aim to achieve this through cooperation, joint ventures, partnerships and acquisitions. E LANG Venture Capital aims to raise 3 to 5 billion dollars of working capital through issuing new Convertible Preferred Stocks to the global community within the next few years.

  • Mission

    Our corporate mission is to build a sustainable business that consistently delivers top earning per share to stockholders while leading in terms of safety, environmental stewardship and corporate responsibility.

  • Corporate Values

  • Our values and principles help us on our journey towards sustainable development. By living according to our defined Corporate Value, we can meet the current needs of our organization and stakeholders, thus protecting, sustaining and enhancing human, natural and financial capital for the future.

  • People first We respect every individual. We draw strength from equal opportunity and diversity, while also supporting personal growth and development. We treat people’s lives and well-being as the key commodity for our organization’s future. We value human rights and all benefit from the entrepreneurial spirit of each individual. We will ensure all our people are kept informed of important company developments and issues.

  • Corporate citizenship We are committed to the highest ethical and governance standards in the industry. Commitment to our corporate responsibility will remain a key business priority for our organization.

  • High performance culture E LANG Venture Capital is a result-oriented company; focusing relentlessly on delivering and executing high business objectives. We value innovation, adaptability and accountability in executing against our business strategy. Teamwork and continuous improvement is central to our business culture. Therefore, we recognize and reward excellence.

  • Financial discipline We will constantly be prudent with shareholders’ money, hence discipline is central to our financial management philosophy. We will always seek new, more efficient ways to use the company’s resources to the benefit of our stakeholders.

  • Integrity Above all, we are committed to integrity in all that we do; to our shareholders, partners, employees, society and community, always and everywhere.

  • Ipo
  • While an Initial Public Offering (IPO) is an interesting and lucrative proposal, it is not part of our short term goal. We are currently comfortable as a private corporation because it allows us more room in which to grow and compete. Based in a tax and business friendly offshore jurisdiction, E LANG Venture Capital is better-placed and more flexibly able to invest in many onshore operations than its bigger peers. Our short term goal is to grow this corporation into a global industry leader and return good and consistent dividends to shareholders.

    However, going public remains our medium term priority. We foresee ourselves launching an IPO by year 2015 if the environment is conducive. It will be very interesting when this materializes since millions of our private shareholders will hold public listed shares. E LANG Venture Capital Convertible Preferred Stockholders will be able to convert their shares into public traded common shares. The shares to which they currently subscribe with E LANG Venture Capital will potentially appreciate several times over after the IPO.